It looks like you’re ready to amp up your faith in your fertility journey! I’m looking to help you reach your goal of becoming a mother. My approach is quite contrary to the current run-of-the-mill western-based practices. My focus is on increasing our faith and allowing God to work His miracles in our lives through action steps.  These practices are an alternative path that can be combined holistically with any other fertility treatment.
It’s time to align your mind with your body so that you can create your baby from a place of confidence and calmness; rooted in your heart.

  As a:

  • Feng Shui Consultant

  • EFT Practioner

  • Meditation junkie

  • and Podcaster

 ’m here to help your faith revolution! Let's get your mind aligned, so we can get your baby delivered! Your dreams can become a reality with the use of simple methods to coordinate your body and mindset- with God's help anything is possible.

                                           Lots of love,

                                                           Steph Santi

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