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4 Feng Shui Steps to Boost Fertility

Let’s boost your fertility in 2 weeks, one step at a time. 

In this post:

  • Locate New Beginnings Gua

  • 4 Steps to realign the room

  • Making a game plan

  • Enjoy the success. 


But before we begin a little Feng Shui 101. The bagua, or map, is divided into 3 rows and 3 columns. Each square is called a gua. The New beginnings gua is located in the middle row furthest to the left (when standing at your front door looking into your home). 

Now physically get up, and walk to this space. What is your first impression?  This is the room that holds the energy of conception.  Is it supporting you? Go ahead, and walk the room. Can energy flow freely or is it getting caught up and stuck. 


Step 1- Declutter this room!!!

It sounds like a broken record in the Feng Shui world, but it represents energetic blocks. Every item should have a home. When it’s not “home” it creates clutter. Your physical model of monkey mind. Your negative thoughts rolling through your mind. Each piece of mail your shred, old book you donate, or clothing items folded and put away represent an energetic lift in your journey. 

Step 2- Color- accent colors for this room are green. Think: green throw pillows, green picture frames, green place mats, or go big and paint an accent wall green. 

Step 3- Shape- The third element is shape of items. This gua is rectangular, but long in the sense of a column shape. Long accent curtains on either side of the window (doesn’t  need to be green here). A tall narrow planter could work, a rectangular mirror or lamp base would be great additions. 

Pro Tip-

Family photos, elephants (fertility symbol), and budding spring artwork showing growth will boost this room. 

Wake up the energy- Move things around. You don’t have to buy new items. Look in other rooms and I’m sure you will find most things that you need. 

Step 4- Set intention- Set an intention, or clear purpose for the room. Each time you pass or use the room think of how the items are supporting you conceive and start your new beginnings. 

Game plan-

Make a plan for the next week. Map out the days needed for each step. Pay particular attention to decluttering.  The amount of resistance to declutter is proportionate to the level of the energetic block. I like to get the difficult part of the process out of the way.

I would recommend:

  • 1 week for thorough decluttering. 

  • After, Monday inventory of items at home, make a list of shape and color to add

  • Wednesday purchase items 

  • Friday and enjoy new space and set intention. 

Enjoy the Success

Allow some time for the energy to calibrate. You may feel some changes physically, as well. Signs that it's working: look for synchronicity, things to feel lighter, and a natural flow starting. Enjoy!

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