Fertility Energy Affirmations

Stress Reduction Affirmations

I sent love and light to every cell in my reproductive system
I bless every part of my reproductive system; my body is my temple, and I treated with respect
I am celebrating the phases of my cycle and embrace the special blessings each brings
I am safe.
I'm full of happiness in perfect health on my fertility journey.
I choose to drink lots of water, breathe deeply, and exercise to achieve peace.
I am in perfect balance for health and fertility.
I am aware of a tremendous creative force within me.
I am grateful every day and every way.
I love my healthy reproductive system perfectly every day.
I am becoming healthier, happier, and more fertile.
I love myself for who I am.
My mind is calm and peaceful.
I cherish my reproductive system and take good care of it.
The universe is conspiring with me to bring forth new life through my womb.

I am relaxing and feeling more and more sleepy.
I am comfortable around other people in my fertility journey.
It is my birthright to be happy and healthy, and I claim my birthright.
I am at peace every day in every way.
I am quiet and centered in my mind.
I give myself credit every time I do something that makes me perfectly happy health; it's my natural state.
My brain is focused and full of mental clarity.
I choose love.
I am a boss in my life.
I forgive myself on this journey and let go of my worries and fears on my fertility path.
Calmness washes over me with every breath I take
I am entirely safe on my fertility journey.
I'm happy and spirit.
I'm vibrant every day in every way my muscles are relaxed and at peace.
I am in tune with my personal wisdom and guide my own path of fertility and conception.
I am loved for exactly who I am.
My womb is the perfect vessel for bringing forth new life.
I am happy, confident, and with myself during my fertility journey.
I welcome new beginnings and new life.
I know God is supporting me.
I lovingly forgive and let go of the past.
I am breathing slowly and profoundly, marinating in tranquility.
My mind is slowing down and still.
I am at my goal.
I am centered.

I am energetic and alert on my fertility journey.
God is healing my journey.

My mind is the most powerful tool, and I use it to create an abundance of positive experiences.
My partner and I easily managed our journey together.
I give thanks every day for my many blessings.
I am surrounded by healing and love.
I am stable.
I am relaxed, calm, and healthy every day in every way.
I am choosing peace.
I focus on forgiveness today.
I am releasing all negative emotions from my system.
I nurse my reproductive system with clean whole foods.
My thoughts are calming down, and I choose to fill my world with joy and kindness.
I'm choosing to react positively.
I am full of energy.
I deserve a peaceful and loving life.
I am happy and feeling peace on my fertility journey.
I am happy every day in every way.
My tension is melting away every day.
My reproductive system is cleansed, energized, and full of vitality.
I am strong.
I keep my holy temple cleansed and in harmony.
I am smart, capable, and kind.
I am on my own unique path.
I am me.
I love and care for myself.

I am an amazing mother.
I take deep breaths to clear and energize myself.
I am healthy, robust, and I am calm and centered.
I am at peace.
Every cell in my body is full of peace and love.
My womb is healthy.
Every day, in every way, I trust my reproductive system.
I am grateful for my healthy womb during my path to conception.
I am calm and relaxed in my fertility journey
I find love and support inside, and now I'm thankful and grateful for the support in my life.
I am strong and powerful.
I am grateful
I forgive my experiences, my reproductive system, and my mind on my fertility journey.
My womb was made to conceive and carry a healthy baby with ease.
I completely trust my reproductive system.
I feel healthier and healthier every day
I am dedicated to healthy life choices for my fertility journey.
I am claiming motherhood and cleansing my second chakra.

Natural Conception Affirmations


I am nourishing a luscious tissue lining in my womb.
I am grateful for my period.
I am fertile.
I am nourishing a harmoniously functioning womb.
I am in awe that my womb’s inner wisdom knows exactly what she is doing.
I am supporting my womb, releasing her uterine lining completely, and preparing
for this new perfect cycle.
I am releasing any limiting fears or beliefs of the past cycle with each drop of
I am harmoniously in cycle with all my fertility sisters.
I am supporting a perfectly synchronized reproductive system to nature’s cycles.
I am supporting a perfectly synchronized reproductive system to the moon.
I am supporting a perfectly synchronized reproductive system to the ocean’s tides.
My fertility is perfectly synchronized with my reproductive system.
I am creating a healthy, robust uterine lining.
I am trusting my body to knows precisely what my womb needs.
I am listening to my body’s needs and respond.
I am preparing my womb to be my baby’s first home.
I am nourishing my womb.
I am spiritually in tune and powerful.
I am allowing myself plenty of sleep while my body flows through its cycles.
I am witness to my body, cleanses itself, and preparing for conception.
My body sheds its uterine lining with ease.
I am nourishing myself to prepare for this rhythmic cycle.

I am in awe that my hypothalamus and pituitary gland produces the perfect amount of needed Hormones.
I am in awe that my hypothalamus and pituitary gland transmit the needed hormones to my ovaries with ease.
I am loving my healthy ovaries.


I am energizing my ovaries.
I am loving my robust, mature eggs.
My eggs are strong
My eggs are healthy!
My eggs are mature in masses.
I am nourishing vibrant, healthy energy around my follicles.
I am loving my follicles growing and maturing quickly.
My ovaries work perfectly.
My ovaries are energized and fully nourished.
I am in a state of harmony growing, nourishing, and selecting my egg.
I am preparing my uterus for a successful implantation.
I am loving my luscious uterine lining.
My uterine lining accepts and nourishes my fertilized egg.
I am loving and nourishing the Warm energy surrounding my ovaries and my womb.
I am in total balance and harmony at the cellular level.
My ovaries are healthy!
My follicles are abundant.
My follicles proliferate.
My lush, healthy ovaries develop plenty of beautiful, healthy follicles.
I am selecting the healthiest and strongest follicle to become a mature egg.
My body understands how to grow the very best eggs.
I am nourishing, oxygenating, energizing the blood through my body, nourishing my ovaries, follicles, and womb.

I am in awe that one robust, healthy follicle emerges and receives support from my body.
I am nourishing healthy, pink, and harmonious ovaries.
I am selecting the healthiest and strongest follicle for my egg.
I am in awe as a vibrant, plump, pinkalicous egg jumps for selection.
My eggs are healthy, and my womb is receptive to a new life.
I am ovulating in harmony with my cycle.
I am experiencing a healthy, mature egg releasing from my ovary, journeying down my fallopian tube with ease.
I am creating strong follicles that release healthy, vibrant eggs.
I am enjoying making love and creating life.
My perfect egg easily meets my partner’s healthy sperm.
A plump, healthy egg meeting a potent, healthy, energetic sperm in my perfect fallopian tubes.
I am blessed that a healthy sperm quickly fertilizes my vibrant egg.
I am making life inside of me.
I am experiencing the miracle of life right now in my body.


I am nourishing my wide fallopian tubes.
I am energizing my fallopian tubes.
I am nourishing my warm, welcoming, and fully open fallopian tubes.
I cherish my fallopian tubes that are operating in harmony with my
reproductive system.
My healthy, fertilized egg glides through my fallopian tubes with ease.
I am in awe that my follicle quickly turns into a corpus luteum and releases the perfect amount of progesterone to support implantation.
My uterine lining is healthy, warm, nourishing, and welcoming.
I am nourishing my womb into a warm home for a healthy embryo!
I am creating the lining of my uterus that is at a perfect thickness welcoming my fertilized egg.
I am in awe that a fertilized egg easily snuggles into my womb and becomes my loving baby.
I am nourishing my lush, warm womb.
I am welcome to new beginnings and a new life!
I am sending warmth and love to my uterus as I see my embryo snuggling and nesting into my perfect lining.
I am in harmony with my womb, receiving the perfect amount of blood, oxygen, and energy from my body.
I am producing the right amount of progesterone.
I am nourishing, loving, energizing the surrounding area of my womb.
I am welcoming my embryo in my warm and nourishing womb.
I am witnessing my miracle growing within me.
I am trusting my body to nourish the life growing within me fully.