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Hi and welcome!  I'm Stephanie Santi,

I have always dreamt of being a mother and having my own family for as long as I could remember. I conceived my first son at the age of 36 but committed six months prior to energy clearing activities.  I wanted him to grow in the best environment, and I knew my body harbored some old stagnant stuff from negative past experiences.  We conceived on our first try!  Yeah! Kudos to me! Then we tried for our second four years later.


That's when everything changed...


secondary infertility struck, and I would ask, “why is this happening to me?” and instantly, I answered, without fail, “there must be something wrong with me! I waited too long- I’m too old” every time. I even blamed.  I dropped the energy work I loved and jumped to science, believing my thoughts. I spun out of control when my IUI & IVF cycles failed. This destructive cycle was unhealthy and not accurate.  


I am currently in the process of conceiving my next child- right with you!!  My work is to help the women that have thoughts cycling through uncertainty, perfectionism, and judgment. I'm a trained geologist and understand the Earth's systems from a scientific perspective and an energetic view. I'm also a librarian, and love and respect research. 


However, my biggest love is with God, and whom I have faith will fulfill my desire for a second child.  

I am called to work with good women that, that have it all, and need that one last piece! I want to help you create balance among all of the opinions, IVF hormones, and speculations leaving you feeling out of control. Every month, with the seesaw of hope, we repeat the same question and answer thought patterns.

I am called to help the women that feel utterly misaligned and out of sync with themselves.  Can you blame yourself for feeling real frustration and eventually identifying with it? Without a doubt- NO! These feelings are authentic and powerful.

We have more power than our thoughts, as real as they feel.

Our true strength lies within faith.

Our faith anchors and grows from our aligned mind.

The fundamental action in regaining control is to learn how to align your mind with your goal and maintaining faith.

Even while we are in the depths of shadows.